Pricing Schedule

Your price for a standard build Pyratehead rod is the cost of the rod components plus $10 per foot of rod length, to the nearest even foot, plus shipping and insurance.  I can get many components at wholesale prices, so your cost is 25 to 30% less than retail.  For example, I just built a rod on an Orvis Helios II blank which retails for about $350.  My cost for the blank was around $270, so that alone just about evens out the labor cost.  The finished rod cost the customer $425, including shipping.  Compare that to the nearly $800 price tag on the rod from Orvis.  Most of the fiberglass blanks, however, are only available at retail.

Standard build: single color guide wraps with contrasting trim wraps on the hook keeper, first stripper guide, and ferrule bands, and a plain cork grip.  Comes in a white PVC tube with a rod sock. 

Custom options:
    Trim rings on all guides: add $5 per guide
    Multi-color cork grip: add $10
    Wood trim on grip: add $20
    Diamond or chevron pattern d
ecorative wrap: $5 per inch (not recommended on fly rods)
    Paint or stain raw fiberglass blank:  add $20
    Aluminum rod tube from Landmark:  $30 and up, depending on size.

Warranties:  I stand behind my work, so if you have a problem with the rod that stems from the build, I'll make it good.  If the problem lies in the manufacturer's blank, warranties vary.  For the most part, they'll replace a defective blank for a nominal fee.  Your cost then would be that fee plus any components that have to be replaced, plus a labor charge based on what has to be rebuilt.  This is the downside of custom rods--I can't replace a rod for $35 like the big manufacturers can, but then I didn't charge you $800 for a $400 rod like they do.  It's also a good reason to go with glass. Compared to fast-tip graphite rods, glass rods are pretty bulletproof.

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